Unisex Birthday onesie Custume Cosplay Adult Kigurumi Pajamas Sleepwear(Unicorn)

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1.You must love our onesie. It's extremely comfortable and it keeps me warm and cute.
2 . If you are a child at heart and you love animals and cuteness,It was probably destined 
that you would one day purchase one of these onesie.
3. The fabric and construction is good. The fleece is a soft, cotton candy feeling fabric. 
Not too heavy, but not too sheer either.
4.About the tail. You may be excited for this weird and unique tail, and mine doesn't seem badly constructed, 
but because they are leaving it floppy to be soft and comfortable .
The Ultimate Barbie Buying Guide 5. * We owned a factuary which is specialized in Flannel Authentic Animal Onesies, 
Costumes and Kigurumi for over 10 years!
* Your Best Choice Onesie - Kigurumi Onesie.These lovely kigurumi costumes are perfect for any parties and will keep you up at night when you wear these kigurumi as pajamas. 
* You must be very cautious on distinguish Flannel Fleece/ Croal Fleece (in cheap price) / Wool Fleece (in the lowest price), in which Flannel is the most soft and environmental fabric fleece.